The biggest and brightest holiday of summer is upon us and we can hardly wait! The 4th of July is the peak of summer, giving us a reason to celebrate the season best. Four of our favorite poppin’ ideas for the 4th:


Red, White, and Blue and a Few Things to Do


Decorate in red, white, and blue if you have the materials, but no need to worry if you do not! Follow these easy ideas or create foods that are patriotic themed and allow them to take center stage as décor.  If you happen to have red white and blue flowers, group them together to blend into the patriotic theme.

Chances are, your party is outside. Make sure to have plenty of seating, from chairs, to simple picnic blankets, even porch swings. No one likes standing around in the heat…. Which brings us to games! Both kids and adults love traditional yard games. Bust out your favorite yard games or ask friends to bring what they have: bocce, corn hole, and ring tosses always go over well. Don’t have any yard games? Why not head to the party store for a Fourth of July themed piñata! Or we love easy DIY for lawn bowling perfect for the occasion made with items you most likely have on hand.

PS: Don’t forget the sparklers for when the sun goes down!




More than Burgers and Dogs: Think Regional!


Yes, we love a burger or a sweet hot link but often we have those all summer. Go with an unexpected twist on American

classics–think regional! (Please note, all menus mentioned are mostly cooked outdoors.) A New England Clam Bake, Grilled New York Sirloin, California Grilled Shrimp Tacos, Texas BBQ Ribs, Northwest Cedar Planked Grilled Salmon. If you do not feel like handling the whole menu on your own, ask your guests to bring their favorite American regional dishes and you will have a variety of US dishes to showcase on The Fourth of July. Our Forefathers will be so proud.




Desserts to Stay Cool


You do not need us to tell you summer is hot! Leave your ovens off and houses cool by serving no-bake desserts. Serve items like traditional Root Beer floats or floats with red, white and blue sodas. Freeze ice cream scoops in muffin tins with festive cupcake liners for easy serving. Angel food cake with blueberries and strawberries and whipped cream is a simple, fresh way to incorporate red, white, and blue too. Or simply stock up on store bought Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches with patriots sprinkles pressed into the sides . For a lively crowd, make your own grown up boozy Popsicles.








No one wants to play bartender on The Fourth. Hosts should be in on the fun too! Local beers on ice are always easy; just make sure to have plenty of ice on hand to keep them cool! For non-beer drinkers we love a big batch of spiked minted lemonade, or a summer fruit sangria. Or really oh-ah your guests with a patriotic Blueberry Coconut Sparkler.

Aside from boozy options, keep guests hydrated with flavored summer water. Add berries and herbs to serving vessels for a beautifully refreshing touch.

Need more tips? Check the Serendipity blog on the Do’s and Don’ts of Fourth of July!