Summertime is the best time to show our appreciation for the hard working people who keep our wheels turning and businesses running smoothly. Having a company party is one of the many ways to give thanks and allow employees a chance to socialize outside of work.  We gathered three ideas for different times of the day to consider for this summer’s company gathering.



Why Not Brunch?

Berry-CrepeIs your staff always going on coffee and pastry runs? Then perhaps an outdoor brunch is the answer for this summers’ party.  Look for a location that gets lots of morning sun like a patio at a home or an open park.  Hire a barista complete with espresso equipment and offer a versatile crepe bar with both sweet and savory options to fit everybody’s preferences.  For an active bunch have an egg relay or for a more mellow crowd split the group into two and give each the crossword from the morning paper see who can finish the fastest! As appreciation gifts, have personalized mugs for each employee.




Surprise Lunch!Picnic foods

Yes, taking staff out to lunch is a fairly common practice, but why not think a little outside the box with it for a full-on party? Arrange to take everyone out to lunch on a Friday but do not tell staff where until the morning of.  Ask everyone to meet at a park, or cross streets to decide to where to eat. Surprise staff by having a BBQ party at the meeting park and if you can, invite spouses and family. Have tug-of-wars and potato sack races.  As a gift, give everyone the afternoon off and have small planted flowers in small terracotta pots with company logo as gifts.




Summer Happy Hour

Blue Berry Cocktail Invite your staff members to stay after work hours and host a summer happy hour.  If you are lucky enough to work in a setting that has an outdoor area have the party set up there.   Have a company cocktail for the evening, such as “Serendipity Seabreeze.”  Serve easy summer cocktail foods, like Caprese salad skewers. During the day ask everyone to write down one thing they appreciate about another employee—“I love how Mindy always takes the time to greet me with a smile, no matter how busy we are and keeps the printer full of ink.”  Place notes in a bowl and ask everyone to come up and read one aloud.  Give each employee a bottle of wine with company logo. This is great way to show gratitude, and having a small after hour’s party will boost everyone’s morale!