After the Fourth of July, the season is officially in full swing!  This is good news for Coloradans because most of our fruits and vegetables are at their peak.  But where do we find the best local produce and culinary artisans?  Our local farmers markets!




Eco- Friendlyeco-friendly

Shopping at the farmers markets is great for our local economy, cuts down on shipping and gas usages spent on transporting foods from other states or countries, and it is a great way to get involved community.  On average, foods will travel 1,500 miles to get to your plate!  Visiting a farmers market helps minimize our dependence on fossil fuels and eliminate pollution by keeping travel closer to home.  Most of the produce found at a farmers market does not rely on the yucky toxins that conventional agriculture uses, thus cutting down on water, land, and air pollution.


10 Reasons to Shop Local




Better for You

With so much talk these days about GMO’s, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics found in our conventional processeFruits-and-Veggiesd foods, meats, and produce, it is safe to say that most of the foods found at the farmers markets will have little to nothing to do with this questionable stuff.   A majority of local artisan farmers take pride in staying away from these chemicals, bringing us pure, natural, and more delicious products. The items found at a farmers market are the freshest, most in season, naturally ripened (not gassed to ripen as is done for many conventional foods), farm fresh food you can find.


Summer Farmers Market Recipes





Support Our Growing Community

Just who are these hard working individuals that come out to the farmers every week to showcase their bounty?  They are Colorado farmers, food Vegetable-Farmspecialists, bakers, artisans, and gourmets.  Farmers markets are the best place to go to ask questions about your food from the people who know it best, get great recipes ideas, try something new, and meet the industrious people that keep returning weekly with the freshest and best our region has to offer.  Knowing where and who your food comes from can put the food on your dinner plate in a new perspective.


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