This season many of us look forward to ending a hot day with a cool summery treat: ice cream, popsicles, floats, clobbers, and pies are summer sweets worth the three seasons of waiting.  This summer there are a few more favorites that can be added to the list.



The Sweet Crostini

Berry CrostiniTypically an appetizer, the crostini is making its way to bring up the back of the meal.  Using a variety of spreads, such as flavored cream cheeses, sweetened mascarpone, Nutella, or whipped marshmallow topping. Topped with fresh fruits, toasted nuts, sweet sauces, and whipped cream, the crostini is getting a sweet makeover.  In addition to the traditional toasted breads, look for a dessert crostini on cookies, graham crackers, or biscotti’s.  Trying a dessert crostini at home at home is easy!  Simply pull together any of the above ingredients and experiment with different combinations and seasonal ingredients.  If you are entertaining, set a station with a few options for guests to make their own.  Or try any of these:


Pear, Walnut and Ricotta Crostini


 Strawberry, Brie and Honey Crostini


Chocolate Crostini with Banana and Walnut




This American campfire favorite is starting to make upgraded appearances on menus and at parties this summer.  Who doesn’t love the basic Chocolate Banana SmoreS’more?  (Graham cracker, chocolate squares and fire roasted marshmallows)  This summer try bright variations like, lemon curd and meringue or berries and white chocolate.  For a more decadent twist on this childhood favorite, try marshmallows and peanut butter between chocolate cookies (add recipe) or add bananas for an even sweeter twist.  For a more grown-up approach, try using something different like ginger cookies, vanilla cookies, or lemon wafers.  Here are a few ideas for ‘S’more’ inspiration:


Make Your Own Marshmallows


10 Delicious S’mores Recipes





Chocolate+Covered+Bacon+Caramel+PopcornOne of the biggest trends of the year has everybody’s sweet and salty tooth satisfied.  Aside from being a summer blockbuster snack, popcorn is now a dessert favorite.  Flavors like cookies and cream, various candy bar inspired kernels, cinnamon apple, and yes, S’more flavored popcorn, are ideal for after dinner sweets, and long lingers on summer patios.


Dessert Popcorn Recipes





Other cool ideas for this summer desserts: 


Float away with one of these Ice Cream Float IdeasWatermelon Granita


Chill out with a Homemade Popsicle


An icy granita. It is like an adult slushy! Great Granitas