Our summer weekends are filled with weddings!  Before the season gets into full swing we explored the top three expected wedding trends for summer 2014.



The colors of the year are bold.  As we reported earlier this year, the color of the year is the purple and pink hybrid, radiant orchid.  With this summer-wedding-colors-2daring color setting the theme for all of wedding season, brides are taking notice of other bold colors, too.  Bright blues matched with golden yellows, popping oranges paired with silver shiny gray, or brilliant greens with navy.  If you don’t see yourself as “bright color” bride, classic pink is also making a comeback.  The romantic and feminine touches of soft pink are ideal for the more traditional bride who may shy away from the bold and bright.

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Family style Gone are the days of the sit-down formal dinner. Yes, this style of service is nice at times, but this summer’s brides are looking to make their weddings more about the party and less about the food.  Not to say that the food shouldn’t be delicious, brides just do not want a long, drawn out dinner taking up their party (dancing!) time.  Buffets are passé as well.  Today’s brides that are looking to serve their guests a full meal are turning to family style food service. Think of heaping plates of sides, summer pastas, and a main course big enough to serve each table.  Family style saves guests from the dreaded buffet line and keeps everyone socializing with other guests at their table– and it saves time for other wedding activities. Another trend that has been holding steady for the past few years is passed or stationary appetizers.  Serving guests an assortment of appetizers throughout the evening is ideal for hot summer weather when people are naturally eating a bit less and gives the event a nice cocktail party flow.  If appetizers are not being passed around, it is also popular to set up a few stations, or vignettes with a variety of culinary choices, including make-your-own choices like tacos, sliders, or pastas.

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The theme of the summer is woodland weddings.  Woodland weddings take the best of nature and romance.  This style goes beyond “just another WoodGrain Cake outdoor wedding in the mountains” by adding whimsical, fantasy touches like mossy green invites, golden lanterns, muted scarves, and magical lights hanging from tree branches. Adding other natural elements like burlap fabric around bouquets, mason jars with flowers for centerpieces, mini terrariums as party favors, and corks to hold name card and menus. Pastry chefs are following in line with the trend, making cakes fashioned to look like Aspen or Burch trees. Enchanted cakes are also simply frosted in white with greenery added, like ferns or succulents, often using a tree stump style cake stand. This theme stems from last year’s boho chic weddings and works really well in the Colorado mountains.

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Are you a bride having a wedding this summer?  If so, we’d love to hear from you! What trends are you following, or staying away from?