April showers, May flowers and Bridal Showers! Whether you are preparing for a summer wedding or simply rejoicing warmer weather, spring will mark the start of 2018 outdoor parties. Plan a unique get together for any springtime celebration with Serendipity’s spring theme picks:


Aloha~ Luau: Say Aloha to the spring sun by hosting a Luau!

Décor- Light up your party and create a Hawaiian vibe with Tiki torches, lantern/string lights and candles. Invite guests to wear grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and colorful beach wear. Using pineapples and coconuts as décor is another way to incorporate the tropics to your backyard— try these pineapple floral centerpieces!



Main Dish: Is it really a Luau without a whole roasted pig? We think not! Be traditional to Hawaiian culture and serving a whole roasted pig. If you want to wow your guests without the hard work and mess, consider getting it catered. Did you know that we offer full service whole roasted pig catering? Get an estimate, here!

Sides: Tropical rice, papaya and avocado salad and coconut lime shrimp skewers are the best Luau inspired sides that will compliment your whole roasted pig perfectly!

Dessert: Do not worry, be happy with these easy island desserts- upside down pineapple cake and chocolate Hawaiian parfaits.

Drinks: Pack some tropical paradise in a glass with these Hawaiian inspired cocktails.


Farmer’s Market Picnic: Beat the opening day crowds and host your own Farmer’s Market party!

Décor- Out of the cold and into the sun, produce is at its peak this time of year. And farmer’s markets are open for business! Get in the fresh fruit mood with fruity balloons or make little potted favors with a small bag of soil and packet of fruit seeds. Create a U-pick stand with fresh fruit, veggies and flowers for guests to take home or enjoy throughout your party. Do not forget red-checkered tablecloths (for guests to sit down on), woven baskets and chalkboard signage to create that open market feel!



Main Dish: There is nothing quite like scoping out all the options of open market booths for the best bite to eat. Give your guests the same excitement of choosing their fresh farm meal by creating a grab and go styled food table with pre-made sandwiches (grilled veggie sandwich, farmer’s market grilled cheese and chicken salad sandwich) and salads (blackberry basil chicken salad, farmer’s market pasta salad and strawberry spinach salad).

Sides: Farmer’s Market fresh is hard to beat, especially with all the yummy spring season favorites. Put a creative fun twist on seasonal sides by offering “free samples” of fried egg avocado toast, apricot salsa and chips and garlic-roasted asparagus.

Dessert: Have your guests melting over swirled berry popsicles and strawberry slab pie.

Drinks: You cannot forget the freshly squeezed lemonade. Try one of these fresh takes on the picnic classic, here. Serendipity tip: Spike your lemonades for an extra kick with your favorite adult drink.


Taco Bar-B-Q: Do not wait until Cinco de Mayo to throw a taco themed fiesta, spice things up with a backyard Taco Bar-B-Q!

Décor- To decorate your fiesta, think brightly colored décor! Banners with fun Spanish phrases, lively tissue paper flowers and DIY cacti balloons will liven up your backyard into a real fiesta! And you cannot forget about the piñatas- these DIY piñatas can be used as a fun party game idea or even can be favors for guests to take home. Add a little flair for guests to get in the fiesta mood with Sombrero or Frida Kahlo inspired headbands.


Main Dish: You really cannot go wrong with a backyard BBQ, but adding some tacos on the menu will make for an easy Spanish take! Carne Asada, Chile Salmon and Pollo Al Carbon are the perfect taco options to throw on a grill! The best way to serve your food is a build your own Taco bar. This will give you a chance to prepare a lot ahead of time and leave more time to socialize and salsa!

Sides: Fire up the grill and your party with these easy to make Spanish sides- grilled elote, grilled guacamole and Spanish rice.

Dessert: Look like a Spanish cuisine expert by making easy traditional Mexican flan. Or try adding more than cinnamon spice to churros with these rainbow churros!

Drinks: Be original and forget about plain old margaritas, try these fancy (but easy to make) Spanish cocktails! Think about also providing this traditional Spanish beverage, Agua Frescas– they are the perfect drink to have on a warm spring day!