Fall baking conjures up comfort and memories, unlike foods the rest of the year can. Spices, apples, pears, and pumpkins are all credited with making fall baked goods oh-so-sweet. A few ways Serendipity is incorporating fall desserts into our events (and how you can at home too.)


Autumn Spice 

Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and allspice are just a few of the many spices that take the stage in fall. Thinking beyond traditional desserts we are serving up hot-spiced sticky buns not only for breakfasts, but also shrinking them down to mini sizes for afternoon sweets, or late night desserts. We love showcasing fall spices in sweet drinks especially on chilly days. Picture this: An outdoor wedding on a crisp fall day, you arrive to a venue and are instantly offered a hot mulled cider with spiced whipped cream. Other ways we have incorporated fall spices in sweets: Autumn spiced granola, pull-apart monkey bread, and cinnamon and spice dipping chocolate for freshly baked cinnamon churros.





Apples and Pears 

These two fruits share the spotlight when fall arrives. We allow these two to start the day sweetly with our corporate clients, with baked apples and granola or pear and crème fraîche crepes. For social events, Serendipity loves the way a simple display of shiny traditional caramel apples gives the unmistakable message that fall has arrived. (Our design team also loves how this doubles both as dessert and décor!) Apple tarts and mini apple rose pies are always beautiful crowd pleasers too. Often becoming nudged out from apples, we allow pears to show their sweet honey flavor and smooth texture in sweets like baked pear pies, elegant poached pears (ideal for plated dinners), and a pretty pear upside-down cake.





Yes, we love a classic pumpkin pie and believe no fall season is complete without baking just one or two (or a three, or four), however, our kitchen has been impressing clients and guests with pumpkin sweets that go way beyond pie. For small sweets, pumpkin pot de crèmes, pumpkin fudge, or pumpkin pecan macaroons. The decadent desserts we love to showcase include rich pumpkin cheesecake, and dark chocolate-espresso bread pudding with salted caramel sauce or we serve an unexpected bourbon pumpkin pie milkshakes for extra sweet fall sipping.- Cheers to a sweet fall!

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