In just a few short weeks Easter will be here, bringing baskets of candy, bunnies, hidden dyed eggs, tulips, and elegant brunches. To pull off the best Easter yet, try any of these ideas to make your spring Sunday stand out.



Tattoo Easter EggsDying Easter eggs is a must every spring. Aside from the sometimes-harmful store bought dyes, there are many easy and safe ways to decorate Easter eggs. Using household kitchen items  like coffee, cranberry juice, blueberries, and even spinach can leave your eggs surprisingly colorful, and you can feel better about eating them afterwards! For a truly unique way to decorate the Easter décor staples, brush on chalkboard paint and draw on your own embellishments—the best parts is, you can wipe it off if you mess up or want a change! For a trendy look this season go for ombre dyed eggs. If dyes and paints are too messy for your style, simply adhere fake tattoos just as you would normally do on a person for an edgy, cool look. The effortless, “rock & roll” look is great with un-dyed brown or white eggs, and also works well with solid colored dyed eggs.

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Easter baskets are often filled with sugary sweets and what we call “landfill toys,” i.e. inexpensive toys that kids show interest in briefly before throwing out or donating. Make each Easter basket more special this year by customizing them and adding items of interest, such as a butterfly catcher, gummy worms, or a microscope for budding entomologists; an apron, kitchen utensils, and baking mixes for a little chef; goggles, swim cap, and diving toys for swimming season. Or a loved movie or book like Alice in Wonderland, complete with a tea set, tea bags, and cookies. Giving personalized baskets is much more fun and useable than just a basket full of candy and trinket toys.

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easter-tableColorful Easter gives us a great reason to bring a touch of spring inside with bright colors, cute animal themes, and of course hued Easter eggs. One of the greatest parts about Easter decorating is that many of the special touches can be achieved with food; anchoring spring flowers in a vase with jellybeans, birds’ nests made of black licorice ropes with chocolate eggs nestled inside, festive Easter wreaths with Peeps, or simply display vibrant sweets in glass jars and vases. For the truly crafty, projects like paper mâché nests, Easter egg, or ombre hued bunny garlands are fun editions. For a beautiful centerpiece hang handmade or store-bought decorations from blooming branches like cherry blossoms or dogwood—a miniature Easter tree!

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