Easter parties are unique as they can take place anywhere from early brunch to late dinner.  A few ideas to help your menu and celebration, whatever time of day you choose to celebrate:



bacon-deviled-eggsFor more traditional brunches, make-ahead quick breads, muffins, and spring fruit salads are simple to put out once a crowd arrives.  After the party in underway, introduce dishes like frittatas, quiches, baked French Toast casserole, lox baked on a gallette (potato pancake), and deviled eggs.  For spring brunch serve fresh OJ and iced coffee with different creamers and syrups for fun flavors. A light cocktail like mimosas or a punch bowl with spiked lemonade are refreshing daytime adult beverages.  Read our recent blog on spring brunches for more fun ideas!


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A casual lunch on a spring day makes perfect sense; this allows people to attend church services without having to rush afterwards.  A lemonade-mintlunch can be more laid back than a brunch or dinner, and weather permitting, will give kids a chance to take advantage of a warm day. Serve a make-your-own-sandwich bar with a carved ham, rolls, and for a fun addition, add unusual spring-like spreads: apricot jelly, mango chutney, arugula pesto, or lemon aioli.  Showcase spring side dishes such as a fresh green bean salad, or blackberries with spring garden greens. As for lunchtime beverages, a mint infused cherry smash or strawberry mint mojito are splendid for spring sipping. Enjoy a sweet ending with a no-fuss dessert like lemon bundt cake, or bite-size strawberry shortcakes.


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leg-of-lambEaster dinner is known as the time for lamb, and we couldn’t agree more!  Lamb is the quintessential spring meat and pairs well with bright season herbs like rosemary, mint, and tarragon.  Roasted leg of lamb will feed eight to ten guests, where as a rack of lamb or lamb chops can be more customized to your crowd–just tell your butcher how many you are having.  Many find themselves intimidated by the idea of preparing lamb at home—no need to fear!  Similar to other red meats, a general rule of thumb is “low and slow” cooking for larger cuts, such as leg of lamb, or hot and fast cooking (2-3 minutes a side) for smaller cuts like lamb chops, typically prepared best on a grill.  Grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes with herbs  will round out this classic Easter dinner.  If you are up for trying something new with a more casual menu, try lamb burgers with a potato salad and grilled fruit kabobs. Uncork a Pinot Noir or a Zinfandel, as they pair beautifully with lamb dinners. Serve a chocolate truffle cake for a rich ending.


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Look for our blog next week on decorating Easter eggs, baskets, and party décor!