Congratulations! So you just got engaged– now what? Before you let the wedding planning nerves kick in, take a deep breath and remember that this is a process you will want to remember (and enjoy)! It may seem like a daunting task with so many options to choose from, but we narrowed down our top picks of 2018 wedding trends that will help you get inspired and excited for your big day:

Simple, yet Elegant

Some 2018 wedding trends say that planning around a tight budget will be easier than it has been in the past—planning frugal is in! Having a low budget wedding is becoming more realistic with the rise in popularity of alternative wedding trends:

Hosting a Backyard/Home Wedding | Personalizing your wedding without looking cheap can be as simple as location. As weddings continue to stray away from the traditional and extravagant, large churches or specialty halls are no longer the top choice of venue. That is why in 2018, we will see a rise in hosting backyard/home weddings that are cozy and romantic (and money smart!). A backyard wedding can be the ultimate DIY-er’s dream with so many personal and cute wedding decor concepts you can make yourself! Take control of your wedding budget with these backyard wedding inspired crafts and ideas, here.

Staying Small and Sweet | Experts predict that 2018 will see smaller guest lists for weddings. Cutting down the guest list and skipping the relatives and friends you have not seen or spoken to in years no longer has the bad stigma attached to it. Couples are looking to make their day more intimate with those who matter the most. This also means smaller wedding parties— groups of 1 maid of honor and 2 or 3 bridesmaids are becoming more common.


Upgraded Themed Weddings

Say goodbye to the rustic wedding looks of 2017, 2018 will see an upgrade to this style for more “woodsy”, bohemian and chic looks. That means no more to farm backgrounds and more yes to greenery and geometrics:

“Woodsy”: Rustic 2.0 | Brides who are looking for a rustic wedding are straying away from the cliché 2017 barn look and aiming for a “woodsy” look. Less burlap and more greenery and wooden details will be a huge theme in 2018. Organic backdrops, wedding wreaths, hanging flowers and potted plants lining the isle are a few floral/greenery ideas that will really sprout this year. Living bars will replace classic bars– incorporating freshly cut foliage to your bar will turn boring into earthy and trendy. Get inspired in planning your woodland wedding with these outdoor ideas.


Metallic, Marble and Modern |  While metallic colors like gold and silver will always be wedding staple colors, marble and copper is the modern chic color palate that will make a statement this year. Whether it be marble dance floors or customized Moscow mule mugs, this color palate will add the perfect amount of warmth and contrast. Balancing sleek geometric shapes with soft flowers and greenery is an unexpected but delightful addition to your modern wedding decor. Add more modern flair to your big day with these symmetrical designs, here!


Unique, not Cliché

Invitation Innovation | Invites, nametags and even menus are getting more creative and personal in 2018. Creating that unique one of a kind experience for guests will be what couples will strive for this year. While stationary is one of the key components of any wedding, couples are choosing to be more adventurous and fun with material and presentation. Nametags are now doubling as personalized favors or something guests can eat after finding their seat! Check out some of these creative place card ideas, here!


Going all out on Food | Weddings are getting away from traditional 3-course meals and wedding cakes this year. On the menu for 2018, you will see more “donut-wall” inspired dessert set-ups and interactive (make-your-own) appetizer stations. Although the wedding cake will not be done away with this year, more brides are opting for a range of smaller cakes in different flavors instead of sticking to one large wedding cake. Coinciding with another predicted trend of going local, farm-to-table and family recipes will be hot wedding menu items this year creating personalized and unique dinner experiences.