Earlier this month the boys of summer hit the diamond to bat off the baseball season. There is almost nothing better than a sunny afternoon spent at a ball game with a few good friends. While attending a game together can be hard to coordinate, a simple party at home is not. We battered up ten ideas to throw a simple Major League party at home.





– Plan to have your party outside. Keep décor simple using team colors for napkins and plastic ware. If you happen to have any of your team’s pendants, foam fingers, or pompoms, set them out.


-To get the crowd roaring, share a picture or two from your little league days. Or ask guests to each bring their own youth sports picture and make a game of guessing which picture belongs to whom.



– If there happens to be a game on, tune into sports radio for an outdoor party, or have the game on the television for super fans that may want to watch inside.


– Take your friends out to the ball game; buy them peanuts and Cracker Jacks… Set out ball game snacks in individual paper bags found at a party supply stores for the true stadium feel.


– A ball game is simply not a ball game without a ball park hot dog, so make sure to grill plenty of assorted ‘dogs such as spicy, turkey, and or beer brats. For a more sophisticated feel make a hot dog bar complete with onions, relish, chili, cheese, and assorted mustard- Think a more high-class version of what you’d find at the stadium.


– Offer more stadium eats, like mini baseball pizzas, or bite size soft pretzels.


– Frosty cool suds are a must for any game day. Buy a keg of a lighter summer local brew (We like Ratio Beer Works, Domestica) for and serve in the quintessential no-fuss plastic cups.


– If beer doesn’t call to your crowd, try any of these Major League Cocktails and have plenty of sodas, water and ice on hand.



– Summer stadium sweets are easy to have at home! Red licorice and bubblegum are classic dugout favorites. For hot days ice cream or root beer floats will keep the team happy. Or bmitts for spontaneous games of catch.e super sweet with cotton candy.



– Score a home run with a pitching contest, a mock ball game, or simply set out a few baseballs and


Just one of the many ways to celebrate spring (and almost summer)… Plaaaaay ball!